Escort Bayan


“variation, vibration”

2008 acrylic and tobacco sticks on panel 60" x 30" (each panel 20" x 30")


“avoir dupois”


“el alba de la guerra…or, the ultimate practice awaiting its ultimate practitioner.”

2008 mixed media on canvas 36" x 96" x 12"


“untitled. (scale, vermiculate)”

2008 acrylic and steel on gypsum board 44" x 44"


“composition with line (bridge, sky, sails)”

2007 acrylic and latex on canvas 16' x 4'


“apology (there are no straight lines in the universe)”

2008 acrylic and canvas on panel 92" x 46" (each panel 46" x 46") wessen


“landscape: beneath the threatening expanse”

2008 mixed media on gypsum board 26" x 80" (each panel 26" x 20")


“three depictions of time as a tangible continuum”

2005 acrylic on canvas 72" x 48"

one second

“one second”

“composition with thread and memory”

2006 oil and acrylic on canvas 35" x 60"

“there are windows to be looked through. everywhere. holes in space. ordered. like notes on a page”

2007 acrylic on canvas 72" x 72" (each panel 36" x 36")

Escort Bayan